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We are happy to announce that Babel3D now supports exporting to the COLLADA (.dae) file format. Translate & Visualize plan subscribers can upload their models from 48 popular 3D file formats (including SolidWorks, SketchUp, 3DS) and convert them to DAE format online.

The COLLADA format is heavily used as an interchange format between 3D applications. It has been adopted by ISO as a publicly available specification (ISO/PAS 17506). A ton of applications support import & export of DAE files for transporting 3D data. In addition, many game engines have native support for the format.

COLLADA export feature is part of the Translate plan, and adds to 3DS, OBJ & STL export options available with the plan. Visualize plan subscribers can also convert files to COLLADA. Files translated to DAE format are available to view inside the browser, with the Babel3D WebGL viewer.

Register here to sign up for the Translate Plan ($14/month). Registration comes with a free 7-day trial and requires a credit card. You can change plans or cancel online anytime. We send a reminder email 3 days before your trial gets over.

DAE export is currently in beta. We currently support geometry & color export. Texture & poly line support is coming soon. While we are busy implementing these and testing all the combinations, please drop us a line at, with your feedback & suggestions.

Posted by Siddhartha Oza, Product Manager for Babel3D & Glovius
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